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Our goal is to become a reference point in the security industry across Italy. We are now more focused on passive or physical security, mainly aimed at controlling bank or business entrances.

We have the following products:
Serrature di sicurezza

Safety locks for safes

They are used for devices that require a reliable and filtered closing. There are different types of locks for each security requirement: mechanical, electrical and electronic locks.
Combinazioni meccaniche

Mechanical combinations

These devices use only mechanical closing systems and are designed to ensure maximum safety and reliability over time. The locks will open by composing the set combination.
Combinazioni elettroniche

Electronic Combinations

These security systems combine mechanical and electronic systems, guaranteeing security and variety of uses. They are also easy to use and quick to be installed.
Sistemi biometrici


These are computer devices that can identify a person based on certain biological or behavioral features that are compared with data in databases and previous purchases.
Casseforti nuove

New safes

We have a large choice of safes by the most important companies. We plan the delivery and positioning service of safes and are always available for technical assistance.
Casseforti usate

Second-hand safes

We sell and transport second-hand safes. Let's pick up and move the safety device, bringing us to the customer's location, and proceed with the restoration.


These systems are used to safeguard and securing values and goods of any type, size, and value through a specialized service. The Vault is kept under control by intrusion and burglary systems.
Sistemi di videosorveglianza

Entry control systems

Entry control systems, through connection to surveillance devices, such as closed circuit video cameras, entrance control computers, plate recognition systems, allow you to supervise access passes.
Impianti di sicurezza

Security systems

We build anti-theft systems, exploiting the best technologies and offering efficient and secure solutions. Our specialized staff will install the systems and solve any faults and tampering.
Porte di sicurezza

Automatic doors

Our accesses guarantee high efficiency, safety, comfort and design. We have swing doors that allow you to pass an entrance easily and are ideal in nursing homes, hospitals or where users have special needs.
Serrature elettriche


These locks allow you to open the door easily. It is possible to choose the cylinder depending on the degree of safety that the customer wants. The lock can be opened remotely with a button even when the key is turned.
Cilindri meccanici

Mechanical cylinders

These systems provide a very high number of different locking combinations and ensure that no other key is identical to that purchased by the customer. They are also ideal for complex closure plans.
Cilindri meccatronici

Mechatronic cylinders

These cylinders combine mechanical safety and electronics flexibility. In order to open a door, there must be mechanical connection of the key with electronic validation.